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Sri Brahmrishi Ashram

We cannot Change the Truth, but the Truth can Change us.

Insight contains thoughts from Brahmrishi Sri Gurudev which make us Introspect ourselves and reflect upon the changes we need to bring in our attitude towards life. These insights will help us bring out the best in ourselves thereby looking at life with a completely different perspective. Perspectives that only the Learned Masters can show us, Insights That only A Guru Can give us.

Without faith nothing is possible.

With it, nothing is impossible.

जो टूट गया, वह सड़क का कंकर ।

जो ना टूटा, वह मंदिर का शंकर ।।

Man with intelligence has many questions.

Man with surrender has all the answers.

कहो उसी से,

जो ना कहे किसी से।

मांगो उसी से,

जो दे दे खुशी से ।।

Man cannot do God’s work.

God can, but will not do man’s work.

प्रेम जब अनन्त हो गया, तो रोम-रोम सन्त हो गया ।

देवालय हो गया ये बदन, ह्रदय तो भगवन्त हो गया ।।

As long as we do not forgive others, they occupy rent free space in our mind.

यह जीवन दो सांसों का खेल है ।

एक जन्म के समय सांस लेने का और दूसरा मरते समय सांस छोड़ने का ।।

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